We aim to provide a safe stay and an unforgettable experience for our guests. Our mission is simple- Give our guests customized home stay experience, that makes them feel closer to Anakulam’s serenity.

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Anakulam is one of the hidden gems of Kerala. We aim to provide quintessential experiences for the explorers of this river-enriched village. Our services revolve around bringing our guests the true essence of anakulam culture.

From the land of spices like fresh pepper, we offer an exceptional homestay in Anakulam. Home cooed meal, a breathtaking balcony view, and customer-friendly services- our guests experience them all at affordable prices.

Surrounded by the forest canopy, our property takes you away from the buzz of the fast-paced digital sword. Our services focus on creating experiences for you, so our guests can truly enjoy every moment with their loved ones amidst the beauty of Anakulam.