Elephant’s paradise &
the land of fresh spice

Truly an Elephant’s pond!

Majestic view of Elephant Herd dallying in ponds

Anakulam’s uniqueness is its river spot that attracts elephant herds to quench their thirst. The river has a peculiar salty taste that makes it a favorite watering spot for these wild jumbos. It is an amazing view as the wild creatures come in groups in the human inhabited area.

Anakulam is:

Elephant’s paradise & <br>the land of fresh spice 1

Perumbankuthu Waterfalls

Elephant’s paradise & <br>the land of fresh spice 2

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the waterfall.

Surrounded by bamboo forest, the Perumbankutthu waterfalls is a majestic and elegant sightseeing spot, you wouldn’t want to miss! It is one of the largest waterfalls and a popular scenic space that attracts tourists all round the year. Add this to your wishlist now, and make your visit to Anakulam a splendor affair!

Elephant’s paradise & <br>the land of fresh spice 3


Elephant’s paradise & <br>the land of fresh spice 4

Ultimate monsoon destination in Anakulam.

33 waterfalls is truly a marvelous experience to watch the water showers and burbles of this graceful waterfall. It is a cascade of waterfalls that delight the eyes in the monsoon. If you love to soak yourself in the cold showers of a waterfall, you must add this to your Anakulam itinerary!

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